2018 Update!

Still not great at keeping my “Little Blog” up to date! Well!  Since my last blog, my son did exceptionally well in his Highers, completed a 6th Year at High School and got two Advanced Highers and another Higher!  He’s off to Strathclyde University in September.  Can’t say just how proud we are of him!!!  Barney the Lab is 6 years old and is still mad as ever.

We finally got our first holiday since being on dialysis!! It was absolutely great!  We travelled down to Dumfries and Galloway to a farm with log cabins – it was a stunning location – right next to a private beach!  Hubby said he would quite happily give up all and move to the log cabin for the quiet life!  Only downside was that there was no good internet reception, so son not so happy!  Barney loved it – being able to lie out on the grass (on a long reach lead, as farm next door) and having a beach nearby.

The other great thing about this holiday was that there is a lovely seaside pub just five minutes walk up the beach!  We enjoyed evening ciders watching the tide come in and making it back to the log cabin before we got “cut-off”!! Lots of giggling and laughs!

We can’t wait to go back!  However, meantime, son has a few concerts to play trombone in,  Freshers’ Week to negotiate and a start of studying at university!  Busy time!

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