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Hello September!

Well at least it hasn’t been six months since I was here!

Had a brilliant holiday in June on the Solway Firth Coast. Stayed in the same log cabin as last year! Such a great location! You have the hills and countryside on one side of the cabin and the Solway Firth on the other side. Best of Both Worlds definitely! It is a bit far from civilisation, apart from the 10 minute walk along the beach to the Steamboat Inn. We enjoyed a few refreshing ciders there!

So quiet and peaceful, we had a very relaxing holiday. Barney, the lab, loved it too! He loves lying on the grass in front of the cabin with his toys around him. Son was not as happy as wifi was a wee bit intermittent and he missed his girlfriend! But then he had another holiday with his friends in a treehouse in Dunbar to look forward to!

We visited a stunningly beautiful village called Kippford. Its beaches are made of small white seashells. The weather was outstanding, so sunny and warm. We walked along the road beside the harbour and beaches to its end (dead end). The houses are amazing. Some perched on the high hill above the road and some right beside the road. It is so well kept, being really tidy and having beautiful blooms everywhere. Every garden was interesting. One driveway up to a house has painted stones and creatures made out of wood, metal and stone. It is one place I would love to visit again!

July and August have been just routine. So looking forward to September. I have so many folk with birthdays in September, it is an “expensive” month (lol). Also, Hubby and I are celebrating our 30th Wedding Anniversary on the 14th, so decided to book a wee break to stay in a lighthouse cottage, Covesea Lighthouse Cottage, Lossiemouth.

Lossiemouth is a place we had been going on holiday for about 25 years until we got our motorhome (that’s another story). We know the place so well, but haven’t been there since 2009! Looking forward to seeing if there are any changes. Hopefully not too many.

Another great point about Lossie, is that it is next to the RAF Lossiemouth airbase. In the past, we have watched planes from all over the world come into the base. Also, it was the home of the Tornado until recently and we used to watch the display pilot in the Tornado doing his thing over Lossiemouth – it is amazing, noisy and excellent entertainment. Now they have Typhoons. We hope to see some flying whilst we are there as the regularly fly around the Lighthouse area.

We are so looking forward to it. We don’t often get two holidays in one year!

Keep well and smiling! Be back soon!


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