So much for good intentions!

Obviously not managed to keep my “little blog” up to date!  However. a lot has been going on. Son started studying for Highers and I was busy keeping him going with drinks of milk and doritos!  He’s finished all his exams and feels confident.  Just need to wait until August for the results.

Other things in the mix include illnesses and many hospital visits. It has been a very trying and sad time.  I can only say, it will take a long time to get over going forward.

Weather was great in May (I always love May), but now it is more our type of holiday weather!, rain, drizzle and more drizzle.

Barney is now 5 years old and still lovely and healthy. He is still mad as a hatter!

Got my lovely sister’s wedding next month, so looking forward to that.

Hopefully, weather will pick up. Until next time…

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