6 Month Blogger strikes again….

I can’t believe it is another 6 months. Life always seems to get in the way!

Not much been going on, although I’ve had a heavy, nasty cold in December and another common cold in January. So a bit washed out to say the least.

I’ve been thinking about my blog and why I have one. I only really add to it a couple of times a year, so the thought going through my mind is “should I keep going?” Why don’t I add to it more frequently?

Thinking about why I have one – I found blogs that I really enjoyed, like Doodlemum, crafty blogs, book blogs. I started my blog with the intention of chatting about my life and general things I’ve done or want to do. Mostly as an outlet for the experiences I have had or want to have.

However, I felt a bit anxious adding any personal details, so I have stuck to basic, general stories. I’m also a bit shy of writing for people I don’t know and this has really limited what I have talked about.

So this, I guess is one of the reasons I haven’t added to the blog more frequently.

I have been researching other blogs for ideas on how progress my blog. From planning, themes, content, timing, etc. I have looked at everything.

Now I am looking at my own blog with fresh eyes. I have already got my logo which I am very happy with, I now need to look at the planning and content. I’m not sure I have a theme, so I will continue with mixed general posts.

I know what I would like to do, stories, poems, share my love for card making and all things crafty. but just having the courage to go ahead is what I am trying to work up to.

I’ll keep researching and reading lots of blogs and articles as I find these really helpful. Hopefully, I will get to the right place and frame of mind to do what I really want.

If you got this far, thank you for reading this. I really appreciate any advice or feedback you can give me.

3 thoughts on “6 Month Blogger strikes again….”

  1. Hello. You left me a comment on my blog. So I followed your link and yes you must keep blogging. Love your logo and colour scheme. Do blog about crafting and don’t worry too much about being too personal sometimes. Makes it all real. We all have interesting lives and so much to inspire others with.

      1. That sounds intriguing. You must start to post about it. It’s funny how many people actually do have very interesting lives. I have a client. She is 74 now. But recently we talked about London and she had a very eventful childhood and working life. Really interesting but I didn’t know until now. She has been a client for 14 years!

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