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Some visual changes….

Just been messing about with my blog layout.  I was researching getting a logo and found a lovely one on Wix.  Not sure though as to whether it is worth getting a logo, maybe someone reading this would be able to give a wee bit of advice.

Reason I was looking at a logo is that I have been unable to customise the header at the top and add a little picture beside it.  Just to make it look different , as I feel I am starting a new era for “My Little Blog”!

Looking forward to hearing from you! xx

3 thoughts on “Some visual changes….”

  1. I like something visual or entirely minimal at the top of blogs. That’s not very helpful, haha. Create a second blog, go mad customising the heck out it. Play with it like a kid with crayons. Take what you like and what works?

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