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Seems I’m a 6 monthly blogger!

Well yet again it has been six months since I updated my “little blog”.  Not much happening at the moment.  Hubby working hard, son finished 1st year university exams and is “looking for a job” until he returns to university, although I don’t think he’ll find one on Xbox Overwatch! Ha ha!

Barney the black lab, was 7 years old on 30th April and still looks like he is two, apart from a few silver hairs on his muzzle.

On a bit of a health kick these days.  Decided it was time to go back to calorie and step counting using my Fitbit.  Doing not bad as lost a few kilos and feeling fitter.  Also, I’m back at my fantastic Pilates Class with the great Ceza!  She is a wonderful pilates teacher!

Got a couple of holidays already booked this year! Very excited!  Going back to the beautiful log cabin in Dumfries and Galloway.  Hope the weather is as good as last year!

And a few months later we are going to stay in a lighthouse cottage on the Moray Coast, our favourite holiday destination for many years. It will be great to see all out favourite places again!

I have had a couple of notifications to say I have some followers! This is amazing!  I read so many folks’ blogs and I think mine is quite dull!  Maybe I will have to be a bit more adventurous with my blog!

Thanks for following me! Be back soon! Axx





2 thoughts on “Seems I’m a 6 monthly blogger!”

  1. Hi, yes blogging isn’t easy and especially if your busy with that thing called life. Your blog won’t be dull. You’d be amazed what you can come up with. Just think about what really floats your boat or something you would like to write about but never have. I want to get better at blogging. At the moment I just grab moments but it’s not easy.

    1. Hi Judi! Thanks for your comments. Still feel a bit “shy” about blogging about personal things, so going to try to look at some general subjects and see if I can find something different to say about them! 🙂

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