One Year On….

Well I’m still here!  My amazing new kidney is certainly “doing the job”.  I am feeling good and enjoying not having to dialyse three times a week. Hopefully, getting all the dialysis machinery and stock taken away in the next week or so! Freeing up room to use again!

Son has his eye on the newly empty room – he wants a “man cave/den”!  I want it for a crafting room to let me make cards and crafts!!  Somehow it will need to work as both!!

Not managed to get away for a holiday yet, for many reasons, but we’ll get there too.

Barney T Rubble is now 4 years and 5 months old.  He’s a real character!  He loves anything involving balls on the TV – football, tennis, golf are a few of his favourites. He stands in front of the TV and runs after his tail!  Makes us all dizzy! He’s also got a thing about numbers.  If he hears a countdown, or a list of numbers/words, off he goes again – round and round!!  Strange dog!

October has been quite dry and nice,  this means we have been able to get out and about in our lovely wee replica Cobra 427.  It’s such good fun and has been a good replacement for a holiday this summer.

My next aim is to try to keep up to date with  my “Little Blog”.  Let’s see how that goes!

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