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October Week Holiday

Had a great week at Cobleland campsite last week – on site for the week, but back and forward to do the dialysis.  Even though we had to do that, it felt like a ‘real’ holiday!  Lots of lovely long walks in the forest and some visitors too.  All in all it was a lovely time. 

However!!!! The Friday night/Saturday morning was so wet, that the River Forth was very high!  8 am on Saturday morning it looked like it was going to burst it’s banks, so we packed up everything in a big rush! Went to start the engine and …..nothing!!! Checked under the bonnet – the battery was hissing!!! It had apparently overheated and was no use!!  Luckily we have rescue for our van and called them out. True to their word they turned up an hour later and managed to start the van!  All this time it was raining and the river getting higher – I had moved our car out of the site and waited in the site office with the lovely Site Manager, Lesley and some other campers. When I saw the lights come on in the van and realised it had started, I was delighted.

Just in time too!  The river had burst it’s banks at the entrance to the site and the van managed to make it out safely!

An exciting/stressful end to our lovely holiday!  Last one this year as the site closes at the end of October until the new season in 2014.  Very sad, will miss the site tremendously!


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